In my opinion the vast majority of websites on the internet today are crap. Very few offer anything new or creative. Most are just pulling together images and concepts from other people and congratulating themselves on all this great stuff they found. Partly, I am sure because of this reason it is preventing many talented people from showing their interesting thoughts and ideas, drawings, photos, etc. Understandably they don't want their work stolen and credit reattributed to someone else. So, we never see it and one day we lose them and their family comes in and destroys everything because they don't want to deal with it. This is exactly what just happened with my friend Cully Culbreth.

On the other hand there are some incredible artists, photographers, mathematicians and experimenters that are putting it out there and making it a better place. This page is dedicated to these people. | All images ©1998-2015  Derryl Rice