Annular Solar Eclipse 2012


Hey, for those of you that weren’t in the path of the annular solar eclipse on Sunday or had bad weather, Here is a collage of shots (every 10 minutes or so) I took of the annular solar eclipse on Sunday, May 20, 2012. I drove up to Kanarraville, Utah which was right on the centerline. Population is 350 normally but Sunday it was probably 5-7000 people with a lot of them playing ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ to some very befuddled cows.

I took these with my rickety 30+ year old telescope and a custom solar filter that I fabricated. In the image below you can see the sunspots that are active right now. Each are larger than the Earth…
The sun was setting towards the end, that’s why they get darker (more atmosphere) and in the last shot the sun is obscured by the trees on a mountain. -dr